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Dhalbhumgarh Block was established on 1st April 1961 under the first phase of community development program. The Block is situated between the north latitude 22.30 to 22.30 North . The longitude 86.30 to 86.40 East. The Block head quarter of Dhalbhumgarh Block is situated at the NH-33 at distance of 60 kms from the district head quarter, Jamshedpur and 13 kms from the Sub-division head quarter at Ghatshila.

The Dhalbhum block is situated at the confluence of the state Jharkhand, the West Bengal and the Orissa in the lap of the natural beauty of the nature and is rich in cultural inheritence and is famous for natural calms .This block deserves importance in terms of industries (Railway sleeper factory ), Business , Agriculture and culture. As it is situated at the borders of the three states it forms a cultural links between the States. This block is at the north side of the Subarnarekha river. Dhalbhumgarh is a multilingual area. Peoples of this region speak languages like , bengali , bhojpuri , santhali hindi, oriya , maithili etc. and have been residing harmonically for many centuries. Historical background of the Dhalbhumgarh is very interesting. The Estate of Dhalbhum came in contact with British in the year 1767 when the British Government sent a company of army to King of Dhalbhumgarh under the leadership Johnferagation .


Geographical and Physical features


In totality there are 145 village in this block, out of which 11 villages are bechiragi. There are 13 panchayats and 9 halkas in this block. Area of the block is 32453.20 hectares. Subarnarekha River passes through the block. There 9 panchayat and 4 panchayats on the north and south bank of the Subarnarekha river respectively. There are green forest, high mountains and plateaus in this block. Gravel is found in abundance in larger area of the Narsinghgarh village. It has a specific position in our country for production of Gravel and is being supplied through out the country there by gaining huge revenues for Government.

Classification of Land
Total No. of Panchayats
Total Geographical Area
80160.42 Hect.)

Total Rayat

43833.42 Acres
Total Holding                     
Forest Area
24107.67 Acres
Common Land                  
12219.33 Acres




    Rajabari at Dhalbhumgarh   Mountain view of Dhalbhumgarh

    Other Attraction :

    Rajwada Temple at Pawada Narsing Garh . Its distance from Dhalbhumgarh block headquarters is 1 K.M.

    Dasha Bhuja Temple at Pawada Narsing Garh. Its distance from  Dhalbhumgarh block headquarters is 1 K.M.       

    Triveneswar Temple at Pawada Narsing Garh. Its distance from Dhalbhumgarh block headquarter is 1 K.M.

    Shiv Hanuman Temple at Pawada Narsing Garh. Its distance from Dhalbhumgarh block headquarters is 1 K.M.

    Airport at Narsinggarh which was used during World War-II . This airport was built by the then British Government.  

    Kolkabera Kola Mountain at Dhalbhumgarh. The distance is approximately 1 K.M from Block Headquarter.



College High school Middle School Primary School



Population(As per 2001 census)
Block AREA TOTAL POPULATION SC Population Population % ST Population Population %
Dhalbhumgarh Rural 72528 2224 3.1 42959 59.2
Urban 0 0 0 0 0
Total 72528 2224 3.1 42959 59.2


Village Electrification

In totality 37 villages have been electrified.



Names of Villages connected to Block Headquarters

Harindhukari, Jairamdih, Sonkhun, Bharudih, PunisaGhoradhua, Pawdanarsinghgarh, Chaarchaka, Nutangarh, Burudih, Kanimuhli, Jodsol, Patnayaksol, Baskatia, Choira, Mohaliol, Duliapara, Ekagharia, Sarangasol ,Kakurama, Jamua, Nalduha, Ghotoliya, Ramasol, Devsol, Jugisol, Champa, Kukrakhupi, Dalki


Railway Station


Nearest Railway Station from Block Headquarters
DHALBHUMGARH Railway Station- 1 Km.


Bus Stand


Block Head quarter is accessible by bus as it has a bus stand where buses arrive from different parts of the District and as well as from West Bengal and Orissa. The distance of the bus stand from block headquarter is  0.5 Km.



The Nearest Airport to Block headquarter is Jamshedpur Airport at Sonari (65 Km) which is under direct control of TISCO.




There is another old Airport at Dhalbhumgarh, which has been built by British and Used during the 2nd world war. The some close view of airport are here under


Drinking Water Facility


Percentage of Villages being provided safe drinking water : 48%


National Level Schemes at Village level

The people under the perview of this block have been benefited by the below listed National level Schemes :

Sl. No Name of the Scheme
a National Old Age Pension Scheme
b National Family Benifit Scheme
c Maternity Benefit Schemes
d Assured Employment Scheme
e Swarnajayanti Gram  SwaRojgar Yojna Scheme
f Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Act (MNREGA)
Freedam Fighter

Freedom fighters from Patamda Block :

Late Jagnath Prasad was the lone freedom fighter from this block who led brave front again the British Government and contributed in the freedom struggle of country.